Prana Vinyasa Flow

Yoga is a centuries old tradition whose roots lie in India. Over time, many different yoga paths have developed. At the center of many modern yoga styles there is a body-related practice (asanas) accompanied by breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana).

„Embrace the flow and allow the Prana to Guide you…” (Rumi)

Prana Vinyasa was developed by Shiva Rea based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya as well as other traditions such as tantra, ayurveda and bhakti yoga (devotion). The essence of this energetic and powerful yoga path is to be connected with Prana – the most powerful source of energy at all. In Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga we focus on “alignment through movement”. The unique "3-part vinyasa method" – the so-called "pulsations", "body vinyasas" and "rhythmic vinyasas" – keep the flow of breath alive and let the practitioners connect with the Prana Vayus, which form every single movement and asana.

In order to achieve different effects on body spirit and soul, the asanas are combined into ever new, creative sequences. The "Wave Sequencing" created by Shiva Rea enables the practitioner to grow into his full potential: the asanas are repeatedly picked up in a new way in a Prana Vinyasa class. From wave to wave the yogi can so immerse deeper and deeper into the resulting energy.

In Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the focus is not on the "perfect" external alignment of the posture. Rather, the inner development of the practitioner is supported in the different asanas. The goal is to feel the moment and to feel connected with yourself. When practiced with this quality, the outer shape and alignment will follow naturally.

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